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PS21 Theater, Chatham, NY         

The theater's expansive open pavilion is built into a hillside providing a sense of enclosure. The space is delineated by tapered precast concrete columns that support the steel framed roof. This gabled timber structure creates an acoustically reverberant space that enhances music.    

The summer stage transforms into a full season black box theater when large doors close the proscenium. The enclosed portion of the building contains a lobby, staff office, dressing rooms and a recital space. Conditioned spaces are served by ground source heat pumps.

Structure: Steel frame and precast concrete columns.

Arcon Construction, Albany, NY

P&O Engineering, structural       

Crawford Engineering, civil & mechanical                              

Lee Family Practice, Lee, MA

A central hall bisects the building under an inverted arched ceiling. The arch begins at the outside entrance and continues through the center of the clinic. The design helps facilitate way finding and is a welcome surprise in the clinic setting.

Structure: Slab on grade steel frame with steel studs and LVL roof joists.

Contractor: Restorations Inc.

Hill Engineering, mechanical & structural

Barrington Stage Company, Pittsfield, MA

In this renovation of a 540 seat theater, only the roof, floor and balcony framing were retained. Dressing rooms are under a reconstructed stage, with new facilities, additional egress and upgraded code compliance throughout. The vertical marquee hangs off a repurposed bridge girder.

Architect of Record for Larry Bogdanow, AIA

A.J. Schnopp Jr. Construction Inc.

Hill Engineering, mechanical & structural

Eastchester Fish Gourmet, Scarsdale, NY

A large space was divided to make a seafood restaurant and adjacent market. Wall lighting diffusers are fabricated from round glass plates, their bulbs hidden within a false wall. A mahogany entry screen resembles the rudder of a sailing ship, and is made from  boards bolted to a curving steel bar.

Hillside House, New Lebanon, NY 

A three-level house on a southern hillside. A window wall provides winter solar gain and the heavily insulated roof cantilevers out to form a canopy blocking the summer sun. A central roof beam is supported by a single steel column, and a steel truss ties into the wood floor framing to create an open studio on the lower level.

Structure: Steel core beams and wood construction on full basement.

S&S Construction

Hill Engineering, structural

Stonehouse Addition, Spencertown, NY

This freestanding addition to an existing stone house provides an expansive living room, dining area and kitchen, as well as service rooms. A window wall opens the living room to a patio and gardens at the rear of the site. The centerpiece of the space is a high  polished steel fireplace. A wooden footbridge connects the original house with the new addition, spanning the entry and library a few steps below the main level.

Structure: Light frame construction on full basement.

Lagonia Construction

Hill Engineering, structural

Painting Studio, Chatham, NY

This open skylit room is surrounded by decks. The shed roof folds to cover a triangular screened porch. In the summer large doors open to connect these spaces, and the porch becomes a prow directing the studio into the forest.

Structure: Concrete piers support treated LVL lumber and steel pipe columns.

John Pollock Construction

Cottage Addition, Old Chatham, NY

In this Sears catalog house a maze of rooms were opened up to connect to a new living room and sheltered deck. A guest bedroom and bath open to a tiny side deck that is tucked behind the chimney of a new fireplace. This brick chimney forms a hub at the center of the design.

Structure: Treated LVL beams span between concrete piers.

John Pollock Construction

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